We'd like you to meet Char.  She started working
here about 48 years ago.

Her first job was picking grapes by hand.  She
then moved to sorting and packing plums.  She
finally began helping out at the Upick.  

In Springtime she worked training young trees.  
She also worked in the Apple Barn and in the
winter time she worked packing gift boxes for
Christmas.  In addition, she helped out in the

When Nye Farms became Sandoval Farm she made
sure to let us know that she was available for  the
Upick.  We were more than happy to have her with
our farm.  The customers love seeing her year
after year.  They enjoy her positive attitude.

We wanted to take this time to share our story
with you, our customers.  She has been with our
operation for three generations.  

Next time you visit the our Apple Upick, please
take the time to greet and thank her for all of
the years of service.

Thank you for everything Char.